Tips for Gay Dating and Gay Hookups

Should You Get a Sugar Daddy: Ways Becoming a Sugar Baby Changes Your Life

If you're a smart, desirable, young gay man thinking about scoring yourself a sugar daddy, you're far from alone. As amazing as traditional dating and relationships can be when things are really working out, those things can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty. The allure of sugar dating is that -- similarly to a lifestyle that revolves around casual sex and hooking up instead of commitment -- it promises to put a stop to everything you hate about traditional dating, including the drama and the heartbreak.

That makes it a great fit for those who prefer to keep things casual without any strings attached, but are ready to try something a little different. However, it can trigger some pretty amazing changes when it comes to the rest of your life as well. Here's a closer look at just a few of them.

You get to find out

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How To Make Hellish Hookups a Thing of the Past

If you can't imagine life without GuyHop, Grindr, and Scruff, then you don't need to be told there's a lot to like about hookups when they actually go well. You get laid by a hot guy you're wildly attracted to, but it's understood that the two of you don't owe each other anything else. You have your good time and then go about your separate lives... or at least that's the way you hope things will go.

As awesome as great hookups can be, the really bad ones are often bad enough to make you rethink casual sex altogether. Thankfully there is such a thing as a game plan that can make it easier to shut a really bad hookup down before things have a chance to get out of hand. Here's how to put it into play for yourself.

His Place or Yours?

Although everyone has their preferences as

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Is He Gay: 6 Clues To Look For

There are lots of reasons why you might not want to just come right out and ask someone whether they're gay. Maybe you're super curious about a coworker or acquaintance you're crushing on, but don't want to risk making them uncomfortable. Maybe you're just not the type to ask people really personal questions about their love lives, but that hardly means you don't want to know.

Thankfully there are a lot of little tells and habits most non-open gay or bi guys have in common, so understanding what to look for can be pretty helpful in making an educated guess. The following are some good examples to be aware of.

1. He doesn't say much about his social life.

Sometimes it's not what someone says, so much as it's what they don't say. Every gay, bi, or queer person is different when it comes to how "out" they

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Sexual Fluidity: What Does It Really Mean?

Have you ever known or met someone who identified as sexually fluid? Perhaps you've even wondered whether or not you could be described as sexually fluid yourself. "Sexual fluidity" is something we're hearing about more and more often these days as people become increasingly more open about their sexuality, but many people still aren't quite sure what the term really means.

So what is sexual fluidity anyway, and what is it like to date someone who's sexually fluid? What do gay and bisexual men need to know about sexually fluidity if they're interested in exploring someone who identifies that way? How can you tell whether you might be sexually fluid? Let's take a closer look at the answers to all of these questions and more.

What Is Sexual Fluidity?

Sexually fluidity may in part be as hard to define as it is because the term itself can mean

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7 Rules of Thumb to Remember When Sleeping with Someone New

Whether you’re taking a new relationship partner to bed for the very first time or just hooking up with someone hot for something to do on a Saturday night, sleeping with someone new naturally inspires a lot of different emotions. It’s exciting and sexy – the type of experience that really gives you a high. However, it can also be anxiety-inducing, scary, and nerve-wracking.

You pretty much always want the experience to be good for both of you, whether you’re planning on seeing the person again or not, so a little preparedness goes a long way. The following are a few unspoken, unwritten rules to keep in mind to make sure you have a night to remember, as opposed to a disaster you’d really rather forget.

  1. Open with conversation.

Even if you’ve both made it clear you’re only

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