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Why Every Guy Should Date Someone Older At least Once in His Life

Whether you’re open to a relationship should the right person present himself or are really just having fun playing the field right now, don’t make the mistake of thinking only the young studs have what it takes to show you a good time. There are actually lots of reasons every younger gay guy should consider trying an older guy on for size at least once over the course of his dating life. The following are just a few of the most noteworthy.

  1. Older men are smoking hot.

Whether you’re talking about a silver fox who’s twice your age or a hottie who’s only a little bit older than you are, it’s impossible to deny the fact that there’s just something about an older man. Older men have had a chance to fully grow into their looks,

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9 Truths That Make Gay Dating Tougher Than Straight Dating

Dating is already pretty tough for lots of reasons. Between trying to figure out what’s going on in another person’s head, meeting suitable people to even consider, and finding the time to date in the first place, you definitely have your work cut out for you. Now add being gay to the mix and things get even more complicated.

If you’re like most gay men, you didn’t grow up seeing what you’re looking for modeled in the media you consume or in other couples around you. That can make it a challenge to figure out what you’re really looking for, especially when you consider most other gay men are in the exact same boat. The following hard truths about life as a gay man can make dating even more of a mind-bender as compared to straight dating.

  1. Most

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Online Dating 101: Creating a Profile That Gets Results

If you’re like a lot of gay guys, you probably have a love/hate relationship with gay dating apps and with good reason. On the one hand, you can’t beat the convenient access to hundreds of eligible gay men in search of the same thing you are. On the other, it can sometimes feel difficult to impossible to really stand out in such a huge crowd.

So how can you make sure yours is the profile that stops a serious hottie in his tracks when he’s mindlessly swiping through an endless selection of options? Sure, it helps to be a stone fox that’s photogenic almost to a fault, but there’s definitely hope for the rest of us as well. Keep the following tips in mind as you give your profile a second look and you’ll be attracting more

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7 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Gay Dating

No gay, bi, or queer man needs to be told that dating as a member of the LGBTQ community comes along with its own special set of challenges. However, dating as a gay man isn’t anywhere near as impossible as the rest of society seems to believe it is, so try not to get too discouraged. You just need to know what people are getting wrong as far as the whole experience so you can shrug off the misconceptions and get back to doing you.

  1. All gay men care about is sex.

Don’t get us wrong. Sex is awesome. Gay men certainly love sex just as much as anyone else out there does, but it’s not all they care about. Gay people are just like straight people in that everyone’s after their own thing. Some gay guys are interested in sex, while

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5 Terrible Reasons to Rush into a Relationship

Even those of us who love the single life can’t help but long for a relationship every so often, and it’s not hard to understand why. People in relationships never have to worry about finding a date to take to social functions or parties. Relationships also have a way of seeming so much deeper, more meaningful, and more fulfilling than singlehood, and they can be in many ways… if you’re not in yours for the wrong reasons. The following are a few glaring examples.

  1. Family Pressure

It’s natural, normal, and healthy to care about your parents and to want to see them happy. If yours are like most, they probably want to see you settled with a family of your own sooner rather than later, especially if you’re not exactly 20 anymore. However, you really need to ask yourself

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